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That's also how we are prevented from using large datasets due to the size restrictions of the ipython notebook. This is a powerful interactive tool for exploring and running code written in Python, R, and Julia. The notebook can work with any data in a variety of formats including NumPy arrays, pandas data frames, a URL, or a local file. Take it anywhere - Use browser Add the data to the local file or attach it to the notebook for a remote connection. Here are several points to know about the data science notebook: The notebook functions as a console with the help of an interpreter, so the user can interactively execute the code. Python 3 Notebooks hosted on S3. Explore your data with the help of Microsoft Excel, open source data exploration tool crosstalk. Apache Spark is a fast, general-purpose cluster computing system built on. Install Spark. You can do this in two ways: a) Using the Spark install script b) By using the Spark CLI. Whole Foods Market Completes Fourth Acquisitions - prostoalex ====== JorgeGT Very cool! I live in Dallas, TX (the "original" Whole Foods Market) and it has been pretty much the same for as long as I can remember (maybe 15 years or so). I recall an "addition" in the Santa Fe area around the same time (maybe 2008?) but never anything else. Q: Detecting whether or not a MessageBox has been closed I have a MessageBox which displays a custom message on the main form using this code: private void showMessage() { MessageBox.Show("Hello World!", "Test Message", MessageBoxButtons.OKCancel); } This works great as long as the user does not press the OK button. In this case the MessageBox.Show method will show the message, but the MessageBox.Show method will not execute the code within the "Hello World!" string. Instead, the MessageBox.Show will return true and therefore my code below will execute. private void findMyGreeting() if (MessageBox.Show




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